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Hackett, Perry B.
Email: perry@cbs.umn.edu
URL: http://biosci.cbs.umn.edu/labs/perry/
Affiliation: Hackett Lab
Address: Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development University of Minnesota 6-106 Jackson Hall 321 Church Street SE and Discovery Genomics, Inc., 614 McKinley Place, NE, 55413 Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA
Country: United States
Phone: (612) 624-6736
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Web: http://www.discoverygenomics.net
Email: perryh@discoverygenomics.net
Phone: (612) 656-4484
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Developing methods for gene delivery to cells for three purposes: (1) conferring new traits, (2) tagging genes for determining their functions, and (3) site-specific recombination to inactivate expression of specific genes. For the first two goals we made a transposon vector (Sleeping Beauty) that is useful for insertional mutagenesis, gene tagging, and enhancer/gene/poly(A) trapping as well as transgenesis. The current lab efforts are directed to enhancing the activities of the SB Transposon system for gene delivery to mammals and fish as well as for insertional mutagenesis/gene-tagging.

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[This paper describes the "randomness of integration - an important feature for using the SB transposon system for both gene delivery to fish chromosomes and insertional mutagenesis.]

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