ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-190213-2
Hamza, Iqbal
Email: hamza@umd.edu
URL: http://hamza.umd.edu
Affiliation: Hamza Lab
Address: University of Maryland 8127 Regents Drive 2410 Animal Sciences, Bldg 142 COLLEGE PARK, MD 20742
Country: United States
Phone: 301-405-0649
Fax: 301-405-7980
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0045-0610

My lab is interested in heme and iron metabolism in metazoans.

Zhang, J., Hamza, I. (2018) Zebrafish as a model system to delineate the role of heme and iron metabolism during erythropoiesis. Molecular genetics and metabolism. 128(3):204-212
Zhang, J., Chambers, I., Yun, S., Phillips, J., Krause, M., Hamza, I. (2018) Hrg1 promotes heme-iron recycling during hemolysis in the zebrafish kidney. PLoS Genetics. 14:e1007665
Korolnek, T., Zhang, J., Beardsley, S., Scheffer, G.L., Hamza, I. (2014) Control of Metazoan Heme Homeostasis by a Conserved Multidrug Resistance Protein. Cell Metabolism. 19(6):1008-19
Rajagopal, A., Rao, A.U., Amigo, J., Tian, M., Upadhyay, S.K., Hall, C., Uhm, S., Mathew, M.K., Fleming, M.D., Paw, B.H., Krause, M., and Hamza, I. (2008) Haem homeostasis is regulated by the conserved and concerted functions of HRG-1 proteins. Nature. 453(7198):1127-1131