ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-110602-1
Hill, Caroline
Email: caroline.Hill@crick.ac.uk
Affiliation: Hill Lab
Address: The Francis Crick Institute Lincoln's Inn Fields Laboratory 44 Lincoln's Inn Fields London WC2A 3LY UK
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7269 2941
Fax: +44 20 7269 3093


Caroline Hill carried out her Ph.D studies in the laboratory of Jean Thomas at the University of Cambridge UK, working on chromatin structure. After receiving her Ph.D in 1989 she carried out postdoctoral studies in the same lab before moving in 1991 to Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, UK to work on the regulation of c-fos gene expression by growth factors with Richard Treisman. In 1995 she set up her own lab at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, London, UK working on signalling by TGF-beta superfamily members in early vertebrate development and cancer. She moved her laboratory to the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute in 1998, where she is now a Principal Scientist.

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