ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-011106-3
Mei, Wenyan
Email: MeiW@pediatrics.ohio-state.edu
Address: Center of Cell and Vascular Biology Columbus Children's Research Institute room WA2012, Research Building II 700 Children's Drive Columbus, OH 43205 USA
Phone: (614)355-5241
Fax: (614)722-5892

research interests:

My recent work on a maternal effect mutant, brom bones, leads to an interesting finding that RNA binding proteins play crucial roles during oocyte development, egg activation and embryonic axis formation. Therefore, brom bones mutant provides a powerful tool to study the function of RNA binding protein during early development and the mechanism through which post-transcriptional regulation regulates gene function during vertebrate development. Specifically, my lab is interested in addressing the following questions:
1. Since brom bones gene encodes a RNA binding protein, what are its downstream targets?
2. What are the roles of brom bones targets during oocyte development, egg activation and embryonic axis formation?
3. How brom bones gene regulates the function of its targets through post-transcriptional regulation?

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