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ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-210514-1
Vertebrate Development and Regeneration Lab
PI/Director: Bessa, Jose
Contact Person: Bessa, Jose
Phone: +351 226 074 900
Line Designation: iis


The Vertebrate Development and Regeneration group studies the mechanisms of cis-transcriptional regulation of genes and how mutations on non-coding cis-transcriptional regulatory sequences might impact in the development of some human diseases, in particular diabetes and pancreatic cancer. To achieve this, the VDR lab uses genomic strategies to identify non-coding cis-transcriptional regulatory sequences and perform genetic functional assays in zebrafish to evaluate the function of these sequences.

Cabezas-Sainz, Pablo Post-Doc Galhardo, Mafalda Post-Doc perrod, chiara Post-Doc
Amorim, João Graduate Student Duque, Marta Graduate Student Eufrásio, Ana Graduate Student
Ferreira, Fábio Graduate Student Silva, Victor Graduate Student Teixeira, Joana Graduate Student
Marques, Joana Research Staff

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