ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-170209-10
Jie He Lab
PI/Director: He, Jie
Contact Person: He, Jie
Email: jiehe@ion.ac.cn
Address: Laboratory of Stem Cells and Neurogenesis Institute of Neuroscience Chinese Academy of Sciences 320 Yue Yang Road Shanghai 200031, China
Country: China
Phone: 86-21-54921731
Line Designation: ion

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Brain complexity is implemented by astounding diversity of cell types connected in appropriate numbers and combinations. The precise control of neural progenitor/stem cell (NPC/NSC) division and differentiation is a prerequisite for the development and maintenance of circuit integrity, plasticity and regeneration. In the laboratory, our present interest is to develop various genetic and optical tools, by which we hope to gain access to the complete development from single stem (progenitor) cells to their progeny-derived neural circuits in distinct brain regions of zebrafish (Danio rerio), and thereby elucidating the fundamental logics underlying the determination of cell number, neuronal diversity, functional property of neural circuits.

Agnihotri, Sandeep Kumar Post-Doc Du, Lei Graduate Student Jin, Mengmeng Graduate Student
Li, Yan Graduate Student Li, Yanan Graduate Student Qin, Huiwen Graduate Student
Wang, Mei Graduate Student Xu, Baijie Graduate Student Yang, Jian Graduate Student
Yu, Shuguang Graduate Student Zhang, Hui Graduate Student Tang, Xia Research Staff
Jia, Xinling Administrative Staff Qiu, Xiaoying Administrative Staff Shen, Xiaoyu Administrative Staff

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