ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-170208-8
Development and functional regulation of BBB
PI/Director: Zhang, Jingjing
Contact Person: Zhang, Jingjing
Email: jj.zhang@gdmu.edu.cn; gdmccrc@163.com
URL: http://www.gdmch.com/zebrafish
Address: Clinical Research Center, Affiliate Hospital of Guangdong Medical University Nr. 57 Renmin Dadao Nan, Zhanjiang 524001, China
Country: China
Phone: +86-759-2387140
Line Designation: gyf

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The research interests of our lab are the development and functional modulations of tissue barriers including blood-brain barrier (BBB) and epithelial barriers. Using in vitro systems, zebrafish and mice models, our group focuses on (1) the developmental roles of Claudin family members on the barrier formation; (2) using synthesized peptides to selectively open tight junctions for the drug delivery; (3) the interactions between endothelial cells and pericytes and/or astrocytes during BBB formation; (4) protective and repair mechanisms under pathological and ischemic conditions.


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