ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-130530-2
KL Yung Lab
PI/Director: Yung, Ken KL
Contact Person: Yung, Ken KL
Email: kklyung@hkbu.edu.hk
Address: SCT1111, Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong SAR China
Phone: 852-34117060
Fax: 852-34115995
Line Designation: hkb

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My expertise of research is in neuropharmacology, neurobiology and molecular biotechnology. All through these years, my lab has been focusing on research on neurodegenerative diseases and other advanced biotechnology developments. My lab would like to know the causes, progression and mechanisms, and development of novel treatments of neurodegenerative diseases and other health related problems. My lab has recently successfully obtained significant results in drug discoveries against Alzheimer¡¦s disease, and also in the fields of biosensors. My lab has a vast network of collaborations including prominent scientists from the UK, Mainland China, and other parts of the world. I am frequently required to work as referees for journals including Biosensors and Bioelectronics. I am also serving as Review Editor, Frontiers in Neural Circuits, Frontiers in Neuroscience Series and in the Editorial Board of Neuroscience and Medicine.

Chan, W.S. Research Staff Hung, K.W. Research Staff Suen, M.F. Research Staff
Chen, Y.F. Mo, Z.X.

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Chen, Y.F., Peng, J., Fang, M., Liu, Y., Nie, L.H., Mo, Z.X., Zhu, L.L. (2016) [Effect of rhynchophylline on behaviors of methamphetamine-dependent zebrafish and the mechanism]. Nan fang yi ke da xue xue bao = Journal of Southern Medical University. 36:1541-1545
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Suen, M.F., Chan, W.S., Hung, K.W., Chen, Y.F., Mo, Z.X., and Yung, K.K. (2013) Assessments of the effects of nicotine and ketamine using tyrosine hydroxylase-green fluorescent protein transgenic zebrafish as biosensors. Biosensors & bioelectronics. 42C:177-185
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