ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-080602-1
Sabaawy Lab
PI/Director: Sabaawy, Hatem
Contact Person: Sabaawy, Hatem
Email: sabaawhe@umdnj.edu
URL: http://www.cinj.org/research/sabaawy-laboratory
Address: Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Division of Medical Oncology 195 Little Albany Street New Brunswick NJ 08903-2681
Country: United States
Phone: 732-235-7953
Fax: 732-235-8681
Line Designation: nj

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The research efforts in the Sabaawy laboratory is focused on studying normal and cancer stem cells using primary human cells, genetically engineered mouse (GEM) models in combination with the zebrafish. These studies aim to identify stem cell developmental regulators that are also involved in cancer initiation and regulation of cancer stem cells, and how these cancer stem cells divert from these regulatory pathways. One major pathway for research focus in the lab is to identify targets for modifying self-renewal of normal and cancer stem cells. Using genome-wide modifier screens in conjunction transgenic and xenograft approaches, the laboratory is generating zebrafish models of several different cancers, including the major subtypes of human myeloid and lymphoid leukemias.

One in three children with pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) carries the t(12;21) translocation marker, making it the most common genetic defect in all childhood cancer, and one that is also found in leukemic blood from adult ALL. The laboratory generated zebrafish with this t(12;21) translocation as the first B-cell leukemia model in zebrafish. Recently, we have also generated zebrafish that have translocations from the endogenous zebrafish sequences. Chemical and genetic modifier screens using tumor-prone zebrafish lines are underway, and may ultimately reveal mutant genes or drugs that can suppress or modify disease progression.

A parallel research effort in the Sabaawy laboratory is to study human mesenchymal stroma cell (MSC)-based therapy and transplantation in regenerative medicine. Cell therapy using stem cells for regeneration of a failing organ or injury repair is a promising approach. We are utilizing zebrafish reporter lines with spinal cord injury to study the dynamics of human MSC-mediated repair. These studies support the ongoing collaboration on international trials for utilizing MSC cell therapy for injury repair.

Kramer, Joe Post-Doc

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