ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-080324-1
Marins Lab
PI/Director: Marins, Luis Fernando
Contact Person: Marins, Luis Fernando
Email: lfmarins@pq.cnpq.br
Address: Fundacao Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Departamento de Ciencias Fisiologicas Av. Italia Km 8 - CEP 96201-900 Rio Grande, RS Brazil
Country: Brazil
Phone: +55 (53) 3233-6851
Line Designation: ufb

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To develop transgenic fish for studying growth
sinalization and also models for pollution monitoring.

da Silveira, Cassaia Rodrigues Graduate Student Nornberg, Bruna Felix Graduate Student Rola, Regina Coimbra Graduate Student
Almeida, Daniela Volcan Research Staff da Rosa, Carlos Eduardo Research Staff Figueiredo, Marcio de Azevedo Research Staff
Kuradomi, Rafael Research Staff Lanes, Carlos Frederico Ceccon Research Staff Sandrini, Juliana Zomer Research Staff
Studzinski, Ana Lupe Motta Research Staff

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