ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-071012-1
Amack Lab
PI/Director: Amack, Jeffrey
Contact Person: Amack, Jeffrey
Email: AmackJ@upstate.edu
URL: http://amacklab.org
Address: Department of Cell and Developmental Biology State University of New York Upstate Medical University 309 Weiskotten Hall 750 E. Adams St. Syracuse, NY 13210
Country: United States
Phone: 315.464.8507
Fax: 315.464.8535
Line Designation: sny

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The focus of our lab is to understand the genetics and cell biology of organ morphogenesis during embryonic development. In particular, we are interested in how organs become asymmetric along the left-right (LR) body axis. In all vertebrates, the heart, brain and gastro-intestinal tract develop conserved LR differences during early steps of organogenesis. Perturbation of these LR asymmetries often leads to congenital disease. We are using zebrafish as a model vertebrate to identify genes and mechanisms that control asymmetric patterning and development.


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