ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-040810-5
Kramer Lab
PI/Director: Kramer, Kenneth
Contact Person: Kramer, Kenneth
Email: KenKramer@creighton.edu
URL: http://medschool.creighton.edu/faculty-directory-profile/100733
Address: Creighton University School of Medicine 2500 California Plaza Criss I Rm 325 Omaha, NE 68178
Country: United States
Phone: 301-451-0257
Line Designation: cru

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The vertebrate inner ear relies on specialized bundles of cilia on the apical surface of sensory hair cells to transduce sound and movement into electrical signals. The Kramer Lab uses the transparency of the early zebrafish embryo to visualize how ciliary linkages to extracellular structures regulate inner ear function. Using modern genetic and imaging tools, we collaborate with several labs across campus to determine how zebrafish mutants and drug treatments affect hearing and balance behaviors.

Goodman, Linda Research Staff

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