ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-030320-1
Allende Lab
PI/Director: Allende, Miguel L.
Contact Person: Allende, Miguel L.
Email: mallende@uchile.cl
URL: http://www.zebrafish.cl
Address: FONDAP Center for Genome Regulation Facultad de Ciencias Universidad de Chile Casilla 653 Santiago CHILE
Country: Chile
Phone: 56-2-978-7390
Fax: 56-2-276-3802
Line Designation: udc

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We are interested in exploring different aspects of sensory cell development and regeneration in the zebrafish. As a model system for these studies, we favor the lateral line system, in which mechanosensory hair cells develop on the body surface within small organs called neuromasts. We have found that these cells are exquisitely sensitive to waterborne toxicants, including metals such as copper, but that hair cells can regenerate readily if the toxic agent is removed. We have also found that neuromast damage is followed by a potent innate immune response, which can be easily scored in transgenic fish expressing GFP in immune cells. The lateral line system has turned into a versatile screening tool, as oxidative stress, regeneration, inflammation and other biological assays can be carried out with the appropriate live markers in larvae.
We have also explored methods for establishing the zebrafish as a good model for host-pathogen studies, with possible outcomes applicable to aquaculture.

d'Alençon, Claudia Graduate Student Undurraga, Cristian Graduate Student Espinoza, Florencio Technical Staff

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