Figures for Podobnik et al., 2020

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 3 Mutant phenotypes in <italic>D. rerio</italic> and <italic>D. aesculapii</italic> of genes required for individual pigment cell types.

In D. rerio loss of one type of pigment cell type, a melanophores in Mitfa (nacre) mutants, c xanthophores in Csf1ra (pfeffer) mutants, or, e iridophores in Mpv17 (transparent) mutants, still permits rudimentary aggregation of dense iridophores (a) or melanophores (b, c). In D. aesculapii, loss of melanophores, b, in Mitfa mutants (n > 100) or loss of xanthophores, d, in Csf1ra mutants (n > 50), abrogate any residual pattern formation. However, vertical melanophore bars still form in Mpv17 mutants (n = 8), f despite the absence of iridophores. All images show representative examples of the corresponding genotypes. Scale bars correspond to 1 mm.

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