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Figure 6

prl3 Mutants Are Rescued by a V-ATPase Inhibitor

(A) Single embryo transcriptomics of heterozygote Tg(β-actin:prl3a) zebrafish reveals atpv1aa is selectively downregulated versus wild-type control siblings. Adjusted p-value (p < 0.05) was determined by DESeq2 using the Wald test with Benjamini-Hochberg correction for multiple testing. See also Table S5.

(B) g:Profiler output shows V-ATPase complex GO enrichment for Tg(β-actin:prl3a) differentially expressed genes versus wild-type controls. Inset: diagram of V-type ATPase, all genes encoding components labeled red are downregulated in Tg(β-actin:prl3a) expressing embryos.

(C) K-nearest neighbor graph (SPRING webtool) of prl3a expression in neural crest lineages using Wagner et al. (2018) zebrafish 24 hpf single-cell data.

(D) GSEA plotting enrichment of V-ATPase genes in the prl3a-negative subpopulation of pigment cells from Wagner et al. (2018).

(E and F) (E) Images and (F) quantification of melanocytes in wild-type (WT) or prl3a/ mutant embryo ± concanamycin A in a mitfavc7 regeneration assay, ANOVA using Tukey’s test, ∗∗∗∗p < 0.0001.

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