Figures for Blanco-Sánchez et al., 2018

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Fig. S1

grxcr1 is expressed during early development. Related to Figure 1.

(A) grxcr1 is maternally deposited and expressed during early stages of development. RT-PCR for grxcr1 and control ef1rt. hpf: hours post-fertilization. (B) grxcr1 genomic organization diagram. grxcr1 gene is composed of 4 exons. The glutaredoxin domain is indicated in orange. (C) Mosaic image of grxcr1 in situ hybridization at 5 dpf. Red arrow points to a neuromast. Red dashed lines indicate where cross sections were done. Sections through the eye (C’), the forebrain (C’’) and the anterior macula of the inner ear (C’’’).

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