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Figures for Mei et al., 2014


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Fig. 1

pk2 knockdown leads to body curvature and IPL neurogenesis defects in zebrafish. (A)–(D) Morphology of uninjected or pk2 MO injected embryos at 28 hpf. Injection of pk2 MO leads to body curvature phenotypes at different severity, from normal like to severe. (E) and (F). pk2 Expression in the retina sections. (E) Sense control; (F) anti-sense. pk2 is enriched in the ganglion cell layer and inner nuclear layer. (G)–(H′) Retinal neurogenesis defects in pk2 knockdown embryos. (G)–(H)_ Whole eye sections; (G′)–(H′) zoom-in view of boxed areas in (G)–(H). pk2 Knockdown leads to disorganization of inner plexiform layer synaptic connections, characterized by discontinuous layers. Scale bars are 30 μm in each image.

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