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Fig. S4

The C2 domain of syn4 is crucial for the proliferation of neural cells and the formation of CaP axons

(A): Schematic representation of Syndecan 4 constructs. (B-G''): Expression pattern of nestin in different embroyos at 24 hpf (B-D) and 48 hpf (E-G''). (H): Embryos at 26 hpf showing PMNs in green fluorescence. The box regions were magnified. Arrows indicate shortened CaP axons and abnormal branchs. (I): Statistical results of relative ratio of nestin expression level in (E-G'').(J): Quantification of CaP axon branching in(H),the number of axonal branches was significantly higher in syn4 morphants and syn4-ΔC2 mRNA injected embryos than in controls.For each group 84 axons from 14 embryos were scored(mean ± s.e.m,n=3, ***P<0.001, **P<0.01, *P<0.05, ns= not significant,t-test).Hb: hindbrain, sc: spinal cord.

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