Figures for Zhang et al., 2017

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Fig. S3

Mutant ptpn11 promotes proliferation of MYCN-induced hyperplastic neuroblasts in the interrenal gland (IRG). Related to Figure 4

Sagittal sections through the IRGs of EdU-labeled Dβh control, ptpn11mut, MYCN and MYCN;ptpn11mut transgenic fish at 5 wpf (dorsal up, anterior left). GFP, green; Hu, red; EdU, magenta; Dapi, blue. Arrows indicate Hu+GFP+Edu- neuroblastic cells in the IRG. Arrowheads indicate Hu+GFP+Edu+ neuroblasts. Double arrowheads indicate Hu-GFP+Edu+ proliferating chromaffin cells. Dotted lines outline the head kidney (HK) boundary. Scale bar, 20 μm.

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