Figures for Casari et al., 2014


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Fig. 7 In vivo blocking of Smad3/TGFbeta; signaling impairs neuronal differentiation during early embryonic development. Confocal Z-stack tail images of 24 hpf transgenic embryos expressing GFP under control of neuronal promoter: ngn1, neuroD, and mnx1. Embryos were injected with morpholinos for smad3a at 1–2 cell stage or treated at 2 hpf with Alk5-inhibitor LY364947. As shown with an arrowhead, morpholinos and drug treatment give similar results: increase of proliferative cells (ngn1) at tail tip, decrease of differentiating cells (neuroD) and reduction of late differentiating motor neurons (mnx1). ngn1 is Tg(ngn1:GFP)sb1. neuroD is Tg(2.4 kb neurod:EGFP). mnx1 is Tg(hlxb9:GFP)ml2. Quantification of each frame is shown in Supplemental Table S3. Scale bar is 100 µm in all the images.

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