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Figures for Pinzón-Olejua et al., 2014

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Fig. S4

Apoptosis in rtn4 morphant embryos. Comparison of apoptosis in control (A), rtn4a morphant (B) and rtn4b morphant (C). Cell death was visualized at 1 dpf by acridine orange staining. (D) and (E) Quantification of acridine orange intensity in selected areas of the midbrain (square) and hindbrain (rectangle) showing increased staining (arrow) in both morphants. Control MO (5.0 ng) (n = 30), rtn4a-l-MO1 (5.0 ng) (n = 25) and rtn4b-MO1 (5.0 ng) (n = 24).

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