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Figures for Pinzón-Olejua et al., 2014

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Fig. S3

Rtn4b morphants in brn3c:mGFP transgenic embryos. (A) Branching of motor neurons in rtn4b morphants. Axonal projections (trunk segments 5 to 8 and 15 to 18) were analyzed. In mild phenotypes, motor axons showed misbranching and pathfinding mistakes, whereas in strong phenotypes defasciculation was also observed. (B) Proportion of abnormal motor axons in anterior and posterior segments in rtn4b morphants and in the rescue group at 2 dpf. rtn4b MO1 (n = 19), rtn4b-MO1 and rtn4b-mRNA (n = 25) and rtn4b-mRNA (n = 20). (C) Proportion of nonmotile embryos at 3 dpf in rtn4b morphants, rescued and rtn4b-mRNA-injected groups.

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