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Figures for Pinzón-Olejua et al., 2014

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Fig. S2

Immunostaining of morphant embryos confirms the specificity of Rtn4a and Rtn4b antibodies. (A) In 1 dpf control morpholino-injected embryos, the Rtn4a antibody labeled neural structures such as the neural tube. Upon morpholino knockdown of all rtn4a isoforms (C) or the rtn4a-l isoform only (E), the signal appeared clearly reduced. Similarly, at 2 dpf, labeling of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) and optic nerves (arrow) in control embryos (B) was reduced after knockdown of all or only the rtn4a-l isoforms (D) and (F). (G) and (H) In control embryos, antibodies against Rtn4b labeled RGCs (arrow) (G), spinal cord (arrow) and motor neurons (arrowheads) (H). The signal in these structures was drastically reduced after Rtn4b downregulation (I) and (J). (A), (C) and (F) show dorsal views (rostral to the left). (B), (D), (F), (G) and (I) show ventral views (rostral at the top). (H) and (J) show lateral views (rostral to the left).

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