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Fig. 3 The D4a Receptor Is Necessary to Mediate the Action of Dopamine on Neurogenesis (A) PCR analysis on fluorescence-activated cell-sorted cells from olig2:dsRed/HB9:GFP double-transgenic embryos shows that d4a receptor mRNA is enriched in pMN progenitors, compared to motor neurons. (B) In a dorsal view of double-transgenic embryos, olig2:dsRed+/HB9:GFP- pMN progenitors (brackets) and double-labeled motor neurons are visible. (C) d4a morpholino knockdown is efficient, as shown by PCR. (D) d4a knockdown (MO1) reduces the number of HB9+ motor neurons, which cannot be rescued by pergolide (exposure 24–33 hpf). (E) Quantification of motor neurons in (D) (ANOVA, p = 0.0003 with Bonferroni’s posttest, p < 0.01, p < 0.0001). (F) d4a knockdown increases the number of vsx1:GFP+ interneurons (p < 0.0001). Error bars represent SEM. Scale bars, 50 μm (B, D, and F). See also Figure S3 and Table S1.

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