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Figures for Lim et al., 2011

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Fig. S2

netrin 1a is required for secondary sprout elongation along the horizontal myoseptum. Selected frames spanning 8 hours of live time-lapse imaging of (A-E) a plcg1y10; fli1a:egfpy1 embryo and (F-J) a plcg1y10; fli1a:egfpy1 embryo injected with netrin1aSBMO1. Lateral views, confocal z-projections spanning both left and right sides. (A-E) In uninjected embryos, secondary sprouts have reached the horizontal myoseptum (HMS) and soon thereafter start to elongate along the anterior-posterior axis (arrows). (F-J) In the netrin 1a morphant, secondary sprouts have reached the HMS but fail to elongate anteroposteriorly (arrows). A, anterior; D, dorsal. Scale bar: 50 μm.

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