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Figures for Tijssen et al., 2011

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Fig. S4 Representative pictures at 72 hpf of 5 control transgenic Tg(cd41:EGFP) zebrafish embryos or injected with MOs. The GFP positive cells represent the number of presumed hematopoietic stem cells (cd41low) and thrombocytes (cd41high). For march2 (n=44), max (n=63), smox (n=60), pttg1lp (n=50), emilin1 (n=65) and sufu (n=65), a severe decrease of cd41 positive cells was observed. Ncor2 (n=53) depletion resulted in a mild phenotype, and pdzk1ip1l (n=49) and nfatc1 (n=60) MO injected embryos showed no phenotype.

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