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Figures for Bussmann et al., 2010

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Fig. S2 Comparison between flt1enh:RFP expression and direction of blood flow in the trunk intersegmental network. (A) flt1enh:RFP expression at 5 dpf reveals two types of ISVs with either high or low RFP expression. (B) Still frame of direction of flow in a 5 dpf flt1enh:RFP embryo revealing arteries (up from DA) and veins (down to PCV) (C) Overlay of flt1enh:RFP and flow reveals that arteries express flt1enh:RFP at high and veins express flt1enh:RFP at low levels. (D) Quantification of flow direction and expression of flt1enh:RFP. n=143 aISV and n=122 vISV.

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