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Figures for Bussmann et al., 2010


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Fig. 1 Generation and visualization of flt1enh:RFP and SAGFF27C;UAS:GFP transgenic lines. (A-C) Arterial-restricted reporter expression in the flt1enh:RFP transgenic line at 5 dpf (A), compared with kdrl:GFP, which labels all blood endothelial cells (B) allows for discrimination between ISVs connected to the dorsal aorta or PCV. (C) Overlay of A,B. (D) Schematic representation of flt1enh:RFP expression. (E) Lymphatic reporter expression in the SAGFF27C;UAS:GFP transgenic line at 5 dpf, compared with an angiography (F) that labels perfused blood vessels (red in G). (G) Overlay of E,F. (H) Schematic representation of SAGFF27C;UAS:GFP expression. aISV, arterial ISV; DA, dorsal aorta; DLLV, dorsal longitudinal lymphatic vessel; ISLV, intersegmental lymphatic vessel; PCV, posterior cardinal vein; TD, thoracic duct; vISV, venous ISV.

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