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Figures for Yamamoto et al., 2010

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Fig. 6 Mind bomb-Jagged-Notch signalling regulates muscle cell identities by altering ihhb expression. (A-C) ihhb expression was increased in jag1a/1b (jag1a/1b)-knockdown embryos and mib mutants, whereas Notch activation decreased ihhb expression at 18 ss. (D-F) Engrailed-positive (anti-En) MPs and MEFs were increased in jag1a/1b knockdown and mib mutant embryos, whereas Notch activation decreased the Engrailed-positive cells at 24 hpf. (B,E) sib, sibling control. (C,F) Control siblings (control) or double transgenic Tg(UAS:myc-Notch1a-intra);Tg(hsp70:Gal4) embryos (NICD) were heat-shocked at 3 ss. MPs and MFFs are indicated by arrowheads and arrows, respectively. Scale bars: 20 μm in A-F.

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