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Figures for Yamamoto et al., 2010

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Fig. 4 Jagged 1-Notch signalling regulates her9 but not her4 expression, independent of Delta-Notch signalling. (A) her4 expression was reduced in the hypochord precursor cells of deltaA/D (delA/D) knockdown embryos and mib mutants, but not in those of jag1a/1b (jag1a/1b) knockdown embryos. Arrowheads indicate the hypochord precursor cells. Dorsal views at 80% epibody are shown. (B) her9 expression was decreased in the notochord of jag1a/1b knockdown and mib mutant embryos, but not in that of deltaA/D knockdown embryos. Arrowheads indicate notochord cells. sib, sibling control. Side views at 10 ss are shown. Scale bars: 100 μm in A; 20 μm in B.

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