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Figures for Elsen et al., 2009

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Fig. 2 Abnormal cerebellar morphology and reduction of differentiated neurons in Met signaling morphants. (A–C) Lateral bright-field view of 48 hpf embryos illustrating the orientation of horizontal confocal sections shown in panels (D)–(I′) (d, dorsal) and (mv, mid-ventral) in (A) control, (B) Met morphants and (C) Hgf double morphants (Hgf1 + 2 MO). Anterior is to the left in all panels and dorsal up in (A)–(C). (D–I′) Horizontal confocal sections, dorsal view, through the midbrain and hindbrain in live 48 hpf HuC-GFP-positive embryos imaged in dorsal positions (D–F′) and mid-ventral positions (G–I′) in controls (D, D′, G and G′), Met morphants (E, E′, H and H′) and Hgf1 + 2 double morphants (F, F′, I and I′). Bright-field and fluorescence images were merged to show the presence of Hu-positive cells away from the proliferative zone (D′, E′, F′, G′, H′ and I′). The number of HuC-positive newly differentiated neurons is reduced in Met morphants (E and H) and Hgf double morphants (F and I) compared to controls (D and G). Cerebellar regions are indicated by white brackets (D–I), and dorsal cerebellar midline fusion is highlighted by a black line indicating the degree of morphological change (D′–I′) in Met morphants (E′ and H′) and Hgf double morphants (F′ and I′) compared to controls (D′ and G′). cb, cerebellum. Scale bar, 50 μm.

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