Erickson et al., 2017 - Integration of Tmc1/2 into the mechanotransduction complex in zebrafish hair cells is regulated by Transmembrane O-methyltransferase (Tomt). eLIFE   6 Full text @ Elife
11 Genes / Markers
Marker Type Symbol Name
Gene comta catechol-O-methyltransferase a
Gene hsp70l heat shock cognate 70-kd protein, like
Gene lhfpl5a LHFPL tetraspan subfamily member 5a
Gene lrrc51 leucine rich repeat containing 51
Gene mgat1a alpha-1,3-mannosyl-glycoprotein 2-beta-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase a
Gene myo6b myosin VIb
Gene pcdh15a protocadherin-related 15a
Gene tmc1 transmembrane channel-like 1
Gene tmc2b transmembrane channel-like 2b
Gene tmie transmembrane inner ear
Gene tomt transmembrane O-methyltransferase