Carrington et al., 2015 - CRISPR-STAT: an easy and reliable PCR-based method to evaluate target-specific sgRNA activity. Nucleic acids research   43(22):e157 Full text @ Nucleic Acids Res.
CRISPR List (29 Records)
Target Reagent
coch CRISPR2-coch
espnlb CRISPR1-espnlb
eya4 CRISPR2-eya4
grhl2a CRISPR2-grhl2a
krt15 CRISPR2-krt15
lhfpl5a CRISPR2-lhfpl5a
loxhd1b CRISPR4-loxhd1b
man2b1 CRISPR3-man2b1
marveld2a CRISPR1-marveld2a
marveld2b CRISPR1-marveld2b
mgat5 CRISPR4-mgat5
msrb3 CRISPR1-msrb3
myh9a CRISPR2-myh9a
myo6a CRISPR1-myo6a
myo7aa CRISPR3-myo7aa
myo15aa CRISPR2-myo15aa
oga CRISPR1-oga
pou4f3 CRISPR1-pou4f3
prdx3 CRISPR3-prdx3
prps1b CRISPR2-prps1b
ptprq CRISPR3-ptprq
sh3pxd2aa CRISPR1-sh3pxd2aa
slc26a4 CRISPR1-slc26a4
slc26a5 CRISPR3-slc26a5
tmc1 CRISPR3-tmc1
tmie CRISPR3-tmie
tyr CRISPR1-tyr
ush1c CRISPR3-ush1c
wfs1b CRISPR2-wfs1b