Samuels et al., 2020 - FaceBase 3: analytical tools and FAIR resources for craniofacial and dental research. Development (Cambridge, England)   147(18) Full text @ Development

Fig. 1 Images and models of zebrafish craniofacial anatomy. (A) Confocal stack of the skull of a wild-type zebrafish at 11.83 mm standard length (41 days post fertilization); osteoblasts and chondrocytes are marked by expression of mCherry and eGFP, respectively. (B) 3D PDF model based on similar confocal data, showing the labeled buttons to hide or reveal individual elements. (C) High-resolution microCT of an adult zebrafish skull. (D) Orthotopic slices of the same data from the FaceBase online viewer. (E) 3-D model based on the microCT data. Different colors indicate distinct bones.

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