Henry et al., 2013 - PhagoSight: An Open-Source MATLAB® Package for the Analysis of Fluorescent Neutrophil and Macrophage Migration in a Zebrafish Model. PLoS One   8(8):e72636 Full text @ PLoS One

Fig. 1 Visualisation of neutrophils in zebrafish.

(a,b) Fluorescent neutrophils (bright uniform regions) migrate towards the site of injury (right) in the tail-fin of a zebrafish larva (differential interference contrast (DIC)) at 3 dpf. (c) One time point of 48 slices each of 1024×1024 pixels. (d) Neutrophils rendered as 3D surfaces.

Anatomical Term:
Stage: Protruding-mouth

Fig. 4 Orientation of the movement based on the artificial wound region.
(a) Three-dimensional plot of the tracks with time as the vertical axis. The DIC image of the fish is presented as a horizontal plane at time 0 and one fluorescent slice is shown at time 120. The black square over the DIC corresponds to the artificial wound region. (b) Description of the absolute, oriented and lateral neutrophil velocities with respect to the axis defined according to a manual delineation of the wound region.

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